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Learning Manager - Human Resources(Local)- Park Hyatt Hangzhou

  • Yangzhou (Yangzhou Shi)
  • Design / Civil engineering / Industrial engineering

Job description

§ 协助部门建立完善并且维护部门营运手册,部门营运手册应当反映出酒店政策和程序以及工作过程和标准。确保每年进行回顾,反映出改变。

Assists with the development and maintenance of a detailed Department Operations Manual that reflects Policies & Procedures, work processes and standards of performance within the Division. Ensures annual review to accurately reflect any changes.

§ 协助准备人力资源部年度商业计划,确保部门目标充分体现酒店目标并满足员工需要。

Assists with the preparation of the annual Human Resources Business Plan, ensuring Divisional Objectives fully address business objectives of the Hotel and needs of associates.

§ 与人力资源部总监密切合作准备和定期更新培训预算,确保达到预算目标并且有效的控制成本。

Assists with the preparation and regular update of the Training Budget in close cooperation with the Director of Human Resources, ensuring targets are met and costs are effectively controlled.

§ 管理并且定期回顾编写和修订部门运营手册、员工工序表和工序分析。

Manages and regularly reviews the compilation and accuracy of the Departmental Operations Manuals, Associate Task Lists and Task Breakdowns.

§ 协助准备酒店年度培训计划,确保部门目标充分体现酒店目标并满足员工需要。

Assists in the preparation of the annual Hotel’s Training Plan, ensuring the objectives fully address the business objectives of the Hotel and the training needs of the associates.

§ 正确维护所有员工的培训记录。

Accurately maintains training records of all associates.

§ 负责酒店培训教室、培训设备和材料的安全和维护。

Responsible for the security and maintenance of the Hotel’s Training Room, training equipment and materials.

§ 维护人力资源培训图书馆。

Maintains the Human Resources Training Library.

§ 确保每个部门都有合理的服务教练的配置,并且服务教练是经过培训的,引导服务教练每月平均进行3至5个技能培训。

Ensures that the recommended quota of Departmental Service Coach for each department are trained and that they are conducting an average of 3 to 5 skills training sessions per month.

§ 确保最大限度的利用每个部门的服务教练,密切督导和奖励他们的表现和行动。

Ensures the maximum utilisation of Departmental Service Coach in each department and closely monitors and rewards their performance and activities.

§ 培训、指导和评估部门服务教练与凯悦标准保持一致。

Trains, mentors and appraises Departmental Service Coach in accordance with Hyatt standards.

§ 协助督导技能培训,部门标准与部门运营手册保持一致。

Assists with the monitoring of skills training and departmental standards as defined in the Departmental Operations Manual.

§ 主持每月部门服务教练讨论会和活动。

Conducts monthly Departmental Service Coach forums and activities.

§ 管理编辑、执行和维护以下员工沟通--员工手册、月度人力资源部活动安排、员工通知栏和电视沟通。

Manage, implementation and upkeep of the following associate communications – Associate Handbook, Monthly HR Activity Schedule, Associate Notice Boards, and Television Communication.

§ 协助协调部门内部交流活动及对于员工奖赏的赠与。

Assists with the coordination of inter-departmental social activities and associate award presentations.

§ 有效的与各级员工沟通核心价值和行为标准。

Effectively communicates core values and behavioural standards to all levels of associates.

§ 指导员工和提供职业发展的建议。

Counsels associates and provides career advice.

§ 确保所有员工知晓最新的酒店产品知识、当前的促销推广活动、政策的改变和适当的内部沟通。

Ensures all associates maintain an up-to-date awareness of hotel product knowledge, current promotion, policy changes and appropriate internal communication. ​​​​​​​

Make every future a success.
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