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食品卫生经理 Hygiene Manager

  • Sanya, CHINA
  • Hotels - Restaurants

Job description



§ 与酒店清洁公司和卫生部门密切合作。

Work closely with the hotels nominated cleaning supplies and hygiene consultants.

§ 监督餐务部和厨房部的所有员工,确保他们遵守卫生条例。任何员工违反了卫生条例,应该向行政总厨汇报,之后落实总厨提出的改正建议。

Supervise stewards and kitchen staff and ensures they are following all hygiene standards and practises. Any staff found to be working in an unhygienic manner should be reported to the Executive Chef who will advise action to be taken.

§ 团队协作,主动灵活待客,顾客至上,酒店的大局为重。

Work closely with other associates in a supportive and flexible manner, focusing on the overall success of the hotel and the satisfaction of hotel guests.

§ 定期检查厨房和各餐厅的卫生,发现问题及时向行政副总厨汇报(由行政副厨决定解决办法)。

Performs regular hygiene inspections in all areas of the Kitchen and food service areas and reports any wrong doings or areas of concern directly to the Executive Chef (It is up to the Executive Chef to take further action on any particular matter which may be of concern)

§ 确保餐饮部食品生产和服务的卫生。 

Ensures the hygiene standard of Food and Beverage production and service within the Hotel.

§ 与当地的卫生和健康机构紧密合作并协调与酒店和政府机构的相关事宜。

Works closely with the local Hygiene and Health authorities/ agencies and coordinates with all related matters that involve the Hotel and the authorities.

§ 提供卫生管理建议,保持并不断完善酒店餐饮部的卫生标准。

Provides advice to the Management to ensure the environmental hygiene. 

§ 协助并确保充分落实酒店的有害物控制条例。

Coordinates and ensures the implementation of Pest Control programme in the Hotel. 

§ 与人力资源部紧密地合作,以确保所有的员工都参加身体检查并获得当地政府所要求的健康证。

Works closely with the Human Resources to ensure all associates attend the medical check and obtain the necessary Health Certificate as required by the local authority.

§ 采取一切必要的行动以确保酒店通过卫生检查并成功获取酒店的卫生执照。

Takes all necessary actions to ensure the Hotel passes the Hygiene inspection and successfully obtains the necessary Hygiene License for the Hotel.

§ 协调并协助人力资源部在需要的时候做好献血活动。

Coordinates and assists the Human Resources in Blood Donation activities when necessary.

§ 完全按照并严格执行酒店关于防火、卫生、健康和安全的制度。

To have a complete understanding and strictly adheres to the Hotel Policies and Procedures related to Fire, Hygiene, Health and Safety.

§ 协助进修及培训发展部做好与健康、卫生有关的培训。

Assists the Learning and Development department in all training activities related to Health and Hygiene.

§ 建立并落实厨房卫生标准。

Establishes and enforces sanitation standards for the kitchen. 

§ 与食品原材料的验收部门密切合作,同时与供应商协调保证原材料运输过程中的卫生(所有有关于供应商的卫生事宜应汇报给行政总厨,以方便其与物料部经理协调)。

Works closely with Materials and receiving in the Food receiving area the hotel and also interacts with suppliers about the way they deliver produce to the hotel. (Any areas of concern about suppliers should be reported to the Executive Chef who should in turn act on this with the Materials Manager).

§ 熟悉紧急事件处理程序。

Familiar with all Fire and Emergency Procedure.

Make every future a success.
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