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Director of Sales / Assistant Director of Sales

  • Sanya, CHINA
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Job description

§ 经营所有酒店品牌销售,议定于酒店的年度销售计划,进而执行和维持酒店品牌的定位和理念

To manage all the hotel sales brand contacts, to enforce and maintain the hotel’s brand positioning and concept, agreed upon in the hotel’s Annual Business Plan.

§ 准备利用和更新年度销售计划,细分到必要的部门

To prepare, utilise and update an Annual Sales Plan, broken down as necessary by division and/or department.

§ 管理所有的销售战略战术行动的执行,依照Smart Selling的方法,建立一个能够完成销售指标的强大而训练有素的销售团队

To manage all sales strategy, tactics, and action implementations, complying with the Smart Selling approach, in order to create a strong and disciplined sales team who achieve their sales goals.

§ 为了作出有效的销售决定, 将执行市场策略工序,以扩大有效力的销售数据,包括酒店COGNOS,市场整合,竞争对手情报和ENVISION/FIDELIO宴会场地管理系统

To implement the strategic marketing process, maximising the available sales data including hotel Cognos, Marketing Portal, Competitive Intelligence, and Envision/Fidelio catering system in order to make sound decisions.

§ 为了要确定酒店的市场销售保持竞争的优势,持续的监控和评估地方,国内和国际的市场趋势,以及酒店竞争对手的销售状况。

To constantly monitor and evaluate local, national and international market trends, and the competitor hotels’ sales initiatives, in order to make sure the hotel’s marketing and sales remain competitive and cutting edge.

§ 通过市场策略经理所提供的销售客户分析评估,开发销售价格,客房数量,和销售人员的资源分配。

To manage all key sales accounts and groups, to evaluate them based on sales account analysis prepared by Marketing Manager – Strategy / Marketing Analyst, and to develop strategies for pricing, inventory, and sales resource allocation.

§ 积极的参加每周收益会议和每月战略计划会议,发展并调整销售价格策略

To actively participate in weekly yield meetings and monthly strategic meetings, developing and adjusting sales and pricing strategy.

§ 了解由于政党,商业,政治和社会因素会给酒店财务业绩上的带来的影响

To be aware of community, business, political and social factors that may affect the hotel’s financial performance.

§ 确保技术系统的良好使用包括Envision或其他的销售和餐饮系统,并确保数据是准确的。

To ensure the best use is made of technology including Envision or other sales and catering systems, and the data is clean.

§ 直接协调所有的销售活动并在酒店各处联系传达这些活动

To direct and coordinate all selling activities and to communicate these activities throughout the hotel.

§ 根据年度市场营销计划,检查与评估出有效的销售活动,并作出必要的调整从而达到或超越我们的目标

To review and evaluate the effectiveness of selling activities and adjust as necessary to achieve or exceed the objectives as outlined in the Annual Marketing Plan.

§ 确保每周核对剩余房间数量和宴会空间数量信息,用来在低住房率期间制定销售策略

To ensure room and banquet space inventories are reviewed weekly and strategies are formulated to fill low occupancy periods.

§ 确保所有的销售报价,酒店资料,数码工具和其他的销售沟通信息是和酒店及凯悦国际的品牌标准一致, 而且要及时更新信息

To make sure all sales proposals, collateral, digital tools, and other sales communications are in line with the hotel’s and HI’s brand standards, and up to date in terms of information.

§ 确保所有合同按照酒店的规章制度以市场销售部的名义签署

To ensure all contracts signed by or on behalf of the Marketing and Sales Department follow the established hotel policies and procedures.

§ 参加主要出差旅行,商业活动和公司集会以推广酒店销售

To attend major travel, trade and corporate functions to network and promote the hotel.

§ 根据工作的重要次序,计划并安排出差旅行

To plan and execute sales trips based on business priorities.

§ 与集团销售办公室和姊妹酒店保持紧密的联系,有规律的更新我们主要的酒店销售信息

To communicate closely with the WWSOs and key sister hotels, and update them regularly regarding key hotel sales information

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