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Assistant Recreation Manager


Job description

Main Duties


· Establishment of business relationship with all vendors and development of all product inventories.
· Establishment of organisational charts.
· Establishment of position descriptions.
· Development of standard operating procedures for each department.
· Development of departmental and facility personal policies.
· Establishment of ongoing provision of administrative controls.
· Assist in the recruitment, development and training of all department heads and support staff.
· Oversee Effective scheduling of all services and special programming.
· Development and adherence of Standard Operating Procedures Manual.
· To ensure weekly/monthly departmental communication meetings are effective.

Customer Service

· To ensure the facility is in peak condition at all times (operations and cleanliness).
· To ensure guest/member satisfaction at all times by ensuring that safety and service is always the Recreation & Leisure's first priority.


· Responsibilities encompass the area of fiscal budgeting and analysis, including the development of annual budgets for the various departments within the facility.
· Establishing the control of financial operations will require co-ordination and administration of an established plan with sufficient supporting schedules to enable measurement of actual performance to budget.
· Operations and capital improvement budget preparation
· Development of the facility's fiscal operating assumptions.
· Develop facility's business, budget and staffing plans.
· Identification of capital start‑up costs.
· Authorise expenditures in keeping with the capital and operating budgets.
· Approve all invoices before payment.
· Review of remuneration of all salaried employees and independent contractors with ownership.
· Provide information to the Controller of the complete backroom operational procedures including:
· Accounts receivable area
· Accounts payable area
· Payroll programme
· General ledger development
· Chart of accounts development
· Budget preparation and fiscal guidelines
· Control the cost of goods purchased, services supplied and labour necessary to the sales and production of our products and service.

Health and Safety

· Follow and ensure that all employees all safety procedures and practices.
· Adherence of Facility Operations Departmental Emergency Procedures/Safety Manual.
· Ensure all departments adhere to all safety practices of the hotel.
· Assist in the development and adherence of all departmental Emergency Procedures/Safety Manual.
· To ensure employees have a complete understanding of and adhere to the hotel's policy relating to safety

Associates Relations

· To ensure Recreation & Leisure department maintains a positive relationship with all departments in the Hotel.
· Responsible for supervising all aspects of employees, hiring, recognition, progressive corrective action.
· Responsible for the efficient training of all employees in all aspects of job tasks.
· Responsible for all Recreation & Leisure departments training in pertinent emergency procedures and ensuring all departments are well versed in facility operations (cross training).
· To ensure all employees adhere to all hotel standards as stated in the employee handbook.
· To conduct performance appraisals on a timely manner.

Other Duties

· Attends and contributes to all training sessions and meetings as required.
· Is knowledgeable in statutory legislation in associate and industrial relations.
· Exercises responsible management and behaviour at all times and positively representing the hotel management team and Hyatt International.
· Reads the hotel's Associate Handbook and have an understanding of and adhere to the hotel's rules and regulations and in particular, the policies and procedures relating to computer resources, fire, hygiene, health and safety.
· Ensures high standards of personal presentation and grooming.
· Responds to changes in Fitness Centre / Spa function as dictated by the industry, company and hotel.
· Carries out any other reasonable duties and responsibilities as assigned.

Core Skills

· Produces Quality Work

The ability to produce high quality work in a consistent and reliable manner, in support of Hyatt’s standards and processes

· Achieves Results

The ability to identify priorities, solve problems, produce desired results and be accountable for commitments

· Promotes Teamwork and Collaboration

The ability to build relationships within and across functions, balance individual and team goals, respect others and value different perspectives.

· Communicates Effectively

The ability to listen actively and identify appropriate messages and delivery methods to effectively influence others.

· Shows Initiative and Resourcefulness

The ability to initiate action, make decisions, adapt, drive change, use resources efficiently and solve problems quickly, creatively and practically

· Focuses on Customers

The ability to identify needs, shape actions and add value to relationships based on a central focus of customer satisfaction

Leadership Profile

· Car e

Hyatt’s higher purpose is based on care. Caring leaders build trust and engagement by cultivating genuine relationships. The capacity to care for one another is one of the strongest of all human traits. At the centre of caring is empathy. Leaders exhibit empathy when they connect personally and deeply with those around them.

· Serv e

Serving leaders create success for and through others. Such leaders are motivated by service to the higher purpose, the business and its stakeholders – not by the pursuit of power or personal gain. The success of these leaders is gauged by the success of others. They don’t try to solve all problems or to have all of the answers: they thrive by unleashing others in pursuit of goals. They understand and take direct responsibility for growing the next generation of leaders.

· Learn

Learning leaders are inspired by learning and they take pride in further developing themselves. They are not afraid of – and they learn from – mistakes and failures. They make the intentional decision to continue to learn and grow throughout their lives, challenging themselves to be and do more, and gaining broader experiences. With their high learning agility and ability to be vulnerable, they reflect on and learn from experience, apply that learning to perform successfully under new or first-time conditions and share their learning, and themselves, with others.

· Adap t

Adaptive leaders demonstrate agility in the face of continuous change. They anticipate and thrive in changing environments where diversity of thought fosters innovation and creativity. They have the ability to create a climate where individuals can take risk, experiment, and learn from failure: often times with great speed. Adapting leaders constantly think about what changes are needed to stay relevant in the marketplace and to fulfil the organization’s purpose.

· Achiev e

Achieving leaders prioritize and do what is best for the business. They are outcome oriented and understand that superior financial performance benefits all stakeholders. They are bold, strategic and future-oriented. They see the big picture, understand how the different components of a system interconnect and behave over time, and help make sense out of complexity by simplifying. They possess sound judgment and can make quick decisions when needed.

Make every future a success.
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