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Assistant Manager - Forty 8 Restaurant(Local) - Park Hyatt Hangzhou

  • Hangzhou, CHINA
  • Teaching

Job description

· 协助餐厅经理确保根据经营理念对部门进行高效地管理,根据标准提供礼貌、专业、高效和灵活的服务。

Assists the Outlet Manager to ensure that the outlet is managed efficiently according to the established concept statement, providing courteous, professional, efficient and flexible service at all times.

· 在部门内凡事亲历亲为,始终在餐厅参与运营,特别是在工作繁忙期间。

Is a hands-on manager and is present at all times in the Outlet, especially during busy periods.

· 建立并严格遵守所有运营设备、用品和备用品的库存量,保证餐厅的顺畅运营。

Establishes and strictly adheres to the par stocks for all operating equipment, supplies, inventoried items, and to ensure that the outlet is adequately equipped.

· 协助每月进行运营设备及营业用品盘点。

Assists in conducting monthly inventory checks on all operating equipment and supplies.

· 在餐厅经理缺勤时,就每日准备、服务及菜单为员工召开班前沟通会。

In the absence of Outlet Manager, conducts daily pre-shift briefings to associates on preparation, service and menu.

· 在每日运营及质量控制方面与厨务部密切配合。

Liaises with the Culinary Department on daily operations and quality control.

· 具备充足的菜单和酒水知识,能够向客人推荐和促销餐饮产品。

Has a thorough knowledge and understanding of all food and beverage items in the menu and the ability to recommend Food and Beverage combinations and upsell alternatives.

· 确保餐厅前场和后场始终整洁有序。

Ensures that the outlet is kept clean and organised, both at the front as well as the back of house.

· 与客房部合作,严格按照清洁时间表进行清洁。

Liaises and organises with Housekeeping Department that the established cleaning schedules are strictly adhered to.

· 定期巡视检查部门,以确保卫生情况始终符合标准。

Conducts regular inspections of the Outlet ensuring standards of cleanliness is maintained at all times.

· 协调并维护设备维修报告并且认真记录。

Coordinates and maintains machine maintenance reports and records.

· 处理客人所有关于食品、酒水和服务方面的要求以及疑问。

Handles all guest requests and inquiries on food, beverage and service.

· 确保所有员工和客人建立良好的宾客关系。

Ensures that all associates establish a rapport with guests.

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