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UI Designer/RBWM Management

  • Internship
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Job description

Role Purpose (overall high level summary of the role)

Help define and drive the future of HSBC's digital design. Be a part in identifying product strategy and envisioning the ecosystems and inspire teams to push the boundaries of what's possible. Provide a clear vision of the future of UI for the services.

· Elevate and strengthen UI Design as a practice.

· Work closely with the design and development teams to oversee the implementation of the design assets and layouts, leveraging existing design patterns and systems.

· Designing solutions that meet or exceed strategic objectives

· Create engaging layouts in line with branding guidelines.

· Execute all visual design stages from concept to final hand-off to engineering

· Work within the constraints of customer specifications and technical integrations

Principal Accountabilities: Key activities and decision making areas

Typical Targets and Measures

Impact on the Business [COMPLETE 3-4 AREAS]

· Evangelize importance of Visual and UI Design to help enhance design culture at HSBC alongside CX team members
· Push and develop visual and UI design that encompass HSBC's brand values
· Ensure Customer Experience and UI Designs are clearly translated and articulated in the artifacts

· Increased interaction with the product and high product usage
· Adoption of the product/services
· Improved awareness of HSBC's digital offerings and capabilities

Customers / Stakeholders [COMPLETE 3-4 AREAS]

· Work with stakeholders and customers to ensure the outcome of the project answers both customer and business needs

· Work closely with the CX and UX Lead to prioritize functions and features for the product

· Positive feedback from all stakeholders

· Customer satisfaction associated with product features and roadmaps

Leadership & Teamwork [COMPLETE 3-4 AREAS]

· Assist the CX Lead in creating and maintaining best in class experience for customers

· Be the bridge between functional teams, increase communication to minimize gaps between UX flows



· Successful collaboration with other teams

Operational Effectiveness & Control [COMPLETE 3-4 AREAS]

· Establish and maintain Visual Design and Brand guidelines, principles and best practices to ensure consistency and minimize unnecessary, repetitive work
· Regular review to identify key risks, issues and interdependencies. Determine and apply approporiate mitigation strategies.
· Ensure an equal and balanced focus is maintained on operating and regulatory risks and ensure the Virtual Management Team positively identifies and mitigates these in a manner that protects the Brand.
· Ensure regular and positive engagement with key support functions such as Risk, Compliance and HR to ensure alignment of policies and plans necessary to deliver a demanding transformation benefit target.
· Implementation of Global Standards, Financial Crime Compliance and Risk considerations in an aligned manner within the context of the RBWM strategy through operational practice and planned activity

· Limited churn rate
· Adherence to Risk, Compliance, Global Standard and FCC requirements

Major Challenges (The challenges inherent in the role that require a continual test of the role holder's abilities)

· Working under pressure, flexibility to redesign solutions in the face of ongoing change and iterative development, coordination of a diverse suite of stakeholders, optimization of resources against complex technical deployments.

· Provide market-leading, compelling Digital product experiences that can leverage the global scale and distribution network.

· Ensuring that all HSBC RBWM services offer outstanding Digital customer experience and fully deliver on the brand promise and a coherent Digital Strategy.

Role Context (The environment and operating conditions of the role including the extent of guidance and authority)

· Key objectives and governance of the deliverables in this role will be agreed by the customer experience lead.

· This role holder will be expected to operate largely independently in the development, deployment and management of the initiatives within their remit.

· This role will include dotted reporting from other teams.

Management of Risk (Operational Risk / FIM requirements)

· Adheres to processes and controls to identify and mitigate risks and ensures timely escalation of control issues and reputation risks.

· Demonstrates leadership on regulatory and compliance matters. Maintains awareness of risk and minimizes the likelihood of it occurring through its identification, assessment, mitigation and control.

Observation of Internal Controls (Compliance Policy / FIM requirements)

· Maintains HSBC internal control standards and addresses audit points and/or any issues raised by regulators in a timely manner.

· Maintains HSBC internal control standards and addresses audit points and/or any issues raised by regulators in a timely manner. Fosters a compliance culture within the team, managing compliance risk and ensuring that the necessary training is completed. Optimizes relations with regulators.

Role Dimensions (e.g. balance sheet size, lending/expenditure limits, size/volume of transactions, budget. in USD'000 )

Ideal candidate profile

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