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Associate - TM Level 1,GSC'S

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Global Service Centres

Our Global Service Centres are an integral part of Global Operations. Employees based there manage day-to-day customer transactions and processes for the global businesses. This may include transactions for our retail bank such as processing loans, credit cards, insurance and mortgage applications, opening new accounts, and managing customer enquiries through contact centres and digital platforms.

Employees in the Global Service Centres also run and manage operations for commercial bank customers. This includes processing credit applications, facilitating payments and managing the import and export transactions that enable customers to protect and grow their businesses through international trade.

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Role Title

Associate - TM Level 1

Job Code:

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Current GCB Band: GCB 8 -

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Professional Services

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GHRS Job Code:

Assistant Manager - FCC Ops

Customer Segment & Location:


RP Date:

Role Purpose (overall high level summary of the role)

To monitor the transactional activity of Global Banking & Markets client for identifying or detecting unusual or Anomalous behavior. The primary role of the Transaction Monitoring Executive is to rapidly disposition alerts via a preliminary review to filter alerts that can readily be negated (i.e. obviously show no signs of anomalous behavior). The Analyst seeks to validate the usefulness of the alert and utilizing all the available sources both internal and external to establish whether the anomalous behavior can be allayed. If it can, the alert will be closed, if not the alert will be passed to a Level 2 for detailed investigation. The findings must be summarized in a clear and concise manner with evidences and thus ensuring that the work is completed in accordance with established procedures and standards.

Principal Accountabilities

Key activities and decision making areas


· Process

· Review the alerts generated by HSBC Group application and ensure the anomalous activities are reported to Level 2 in accordance with regulatory requirements where appropriate.
· Pro-actively gather intelligence from media reports and appropriate websites to identify customers of HSBC involved in crime/ML/terrorism etc. Build on their knowledge of latest Anti Money laundering trends
· Using the systems available to review the authenticity of the transaction within each alert i.e. check the principal activities of the customer to ensuring trading patterns or transactional activities are not unusual
· If found unusual, eg. Transaction is out of line with the client's normal business activity to date, to enquire into the same.
· Document rationale for actions taken when investigating alerts.
· Adhere to the process requirements in accordance with established procedures and set standards
· Complete assigned tasks independently in the established timeframe as per the process benchmarks
· Achieve the levels of productivity and quality as per the standards, agreed for the process
· All data requirements (timesheets and process information) is accurately updated in a timely manner
· By adhering to all relevant processes/procedures and by liaising with Compliance department through Line management about new business initiatives at the earliest opportunity
· Issues / problems are effectively investigated and resolved or are appropriately referred with recommendations to the Line Manager.


· Customers (External/ Internal)

· Liaising with other areas of the bank like Onshore Business Partners, Compliance department, Relationship Managers etc in accordance with the requirements of AML procedures
· Ensure that all work is delivered within agreed timeframes and meets the required high quality standard
· Demonstrate ways to improve customer service and increase productivity.
· Provide accurate and valid referrals to the respective Level 2.


· RESTRICTED Leadership & Team work

· Acquire and share best practices relating to procedures / latest Anti Money Laundering trends to relevant processes / contingent sites.
· The staff needs to share his opinions / experiences on cases with the team so as to impart a better insight for reasoned judgment.
· Support projects on increasing awareness of Anti Money Laundering across the section.
· Work with the team to achieve completion of AML transaction report within agreed timelines.


· Operational Effectiveness & Control

· Take necessary actions to mitigate the likelihood of any operational risk occurring.
· Address any areas of concern in conjunction with line management and/or the appropriate department.
· Continuously assess the operational risks inherent in the business, taking in account the changing economic or market conditions, legal and regulatory requirements, operating procedures and practices, management restructurings and the impact of new technology


Management of Risk (GHR / FIM requirements)

To abide by the Group Compliance Policy by containing risk in conjunction with the relevant Compliance Department. The term compliance embraces all relevant laws, rules and codes with which the business has to apply.

To continually re-assess the operational risks inherent in the business, taking account of changing economic or market conditions, legal and regulatory requirements, operating procedures, management restructures, and the impact of new technology in conjunction with the donor Group companies.

Observation of Internal Controls (GHR / FIM requirements)

Apply compliance; maintain HSBC internal control standards, include the timely implementation of internal and external audit points together with any issues raised by external regulators; adhere strictly to compliance and operational risk controls in accordance with HSBC and regulatory standards, policies and practices; report issues and operational loss events. Abide by human resources and other HSBC policies in support of our ethical and respectful work environment.

Major Challenges (The challenges inherent in the role that require a continual test of the role holder's abilities)

· The staff must keep himself/herself up to date with the latest anti money laundering trends and techniques as the technology is dynamic and any breaches in reporting could lead to reputation risk or loss for the bank, the focus continues to evolve from governments / agencies towards anti money laundering controls.
· The role will require the ability to understand the various payment types both domestic and international, also products and services offered by GB&M and the risks around them.
· The role will require the ability to make decisions on the cases to treat it as anomalous and non-anomalous

Role Context (The environment and operating conditions of the role including the extent of guidance and authority)

· Able to assimilate a large amount of information and make effective
· Flexibility in adopting changes in corporate and departmental objectives.
· Exhibits a willingness to provide input to achieve organizational objectives

Role Dimensions (e.g. balance sheet size, lending or expenditure limits, size/volume of transactions, budget, etc. in USD'000 )

Understanding of the prime key areas such as :

· Systems, policies, procedures and Country specific regulations
· General Anti Money Laundering Policy
· SANCTIONS - Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and other applicable countries & organizations.
· Financial Crime Compliance Risk Model (FCCRM)
· Money Laundering Red Flags/Schemes/Trends
· Special Categories of Clients (SCC) / Politically Exposed People (PEPs) / Group High Risk (GHR) Customers
· Responsible for creating and preparing detailed reports about the subject in question based on analysis and evidences gathered post research.
· Domestic and internal payment concepts and risk around them

Desired profile

Qualifications :

Education / Relevant Experience / Other Qualifications (e.g. Knowledge, Skills, Professional Qualifications required)
(For the role – not the role holder. Minimum requirements of the role)

·  Graduate / Post- Graduate in Business Management / Economics / Commerce / Finance
·  Additional qualifications any certifications on Compliance/AML related would be an added advantage
·  1-2 years' experience
·  Work experience in compliance / anti-money laundering environment would be advantageous
·  Knowledge of various Banking/Financial Products such as Global Markets & Treasury Product (Money Markets forex, etc.), Correspondent Banking, and different types of banks accounts, mortgages etc.
·  A good understanding of regulatory requirements i.e. Anti-Money Laundering/Sanction/KYC
·  Political, Social and Economic knowledge of countries that are major players in the global economy
·  Ability to speak and understand English fluently.
·  Ability to write business letters and reports
·  Analytical Reasoning and logical approach
·  Ability to understand and interpret numeric data.
·  Flexibility to work shifts.
·  Ability to work under pressure
·  Ability to build rapport with people.
·  Ability to maintain focus while working with voluminous data.
·  Ability to handle varied responsibilities.
·  Investigative skills
·  Ability to make a reasoned judgment from all the facts available as to whether activity on an account warrants suspicion of criminal activity

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HSBC is committed to building a culture where all employees are valued, respected and opinions count. We take pride in providing a workplace that fosters continuous professional development, flexible working and opportunities to grow within an inclusive and diverse environment.

HSBC is an equal opportunity employer committed to building a culture where all employees are valued, respected and opinions count. We take pride in providing a workplace that fosters continuous professional development, flexible working and, opportunities to grow within an inclusive and diverse environment. We encourage applications from all suitably qualified persons irrespective of, but not limited to, their gender or genetic information, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, social status, medical care leave requirements, political affiliation, people with disabilities, color, national origin, veteran status, etc., We consider all applications based on merit and suitability to the role.”

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