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Job description

Job description

Why join us?

Reconciliations is a centralized function accountable for producing reconciliations for Markets and Securities Services. The main function of the Reconciliations teams is to ensure that data held on the Group’s systems agree with various third parties and between internal systems at a transaction and/or position level. This is done across various platforms/systems. The team will then allocate and escalate exceptions to the business areas responsible for resolving the discrepancies. The main tasks undertaken are:

·  Identification and allocation of breaks to multiple business lines
·  Having identified a break, the teams will inform the appropriate area of the need for action. As such, they interface with a number of other departments and business areas.
·  Timely escalation of breaks and follow ups.
·  Preparation and issuance of Management Information (MI) detailing exception details.
·  Continuously drive change within the process.

The Opportunity:

·  Understand the process functions and objectives irrespective of Business Areas
·  Understand Management Information requirements and produce Weekly and Monthly MI reports for Management.
·  iCATS and LMS are updated in timely manner.
·  Manage resources by creating and implementing Leave Planner for the team.
·  Prepare and Update Emergency Escalation Plan for Operations Teams. (BCP).
·  Provide leadership and customer service to all, both top and lower Management, consistent with Group and Company policies and standards. Leading a cohesive team, working in a supportive team environment driven by people centric values.
·  Provide support for any ad-hoc project to the Head of Operations and Operation teams for any work involving collation, analysis, forecasting and budgeting relating to Operational data.
·  Maintains HSBC internal control standards, including the timely implementation of internal and external audit points together with any issues raised by external regulators.
·  The need to implement the Group Compliance Policy, as applicable to their role.
·  The requirement for each employee to be aware of the Operational Risk scenario associated with their role and to ensure that all actions during their employment with HSBC take account of the likelihood of operational risk occurring.

What you’ll do:

Leadership & Teamwork:

·  To lead innovation and change within their respective teams and to inculcate a positive environment where team members feel encouraged to contribute and drive improvements within the process.
·  To provide support for any ad-hoc project to the Head of Operations and Operation teams for any work involving collation, analysis, forecasting and budgeting relating to Operational data.
·  To build a strong control culture to prevent any operational losses by establishing forums and methods to scrutinize exceptions/errors and to prevent potentially fraudulent situations through strong internal audit and staff feedback mechanisms.
·  To motivate and develop teams to meet business objectives.
·  To create a robust team environment where skills, knowledge and best practices are openly shared to achieve individual, team and business goals.
·  To proactively suggest and design improvements in process workflows.
·  To assist in managing day-to-day operations and trains peers as needed.

Risk & Control:

·  Lead for DIM updates and regular reviews.
·  Embeds risk and control principles in daily processes (e.g. Information security, segregation of duties) to their work and any under their supervision.
·  Ensure completion, control and adherence to SLA by use of appropriate daily and weekly checklists.
·  Perform regular quality and control checks on assigned reconciliation queues.
·  Manage internal errors and internal quality trend.  Suggest, implement and monitor preventive measures.
·  Lead resolution and monitoring of BRCM or audit issues. Active participation in Risk and Control forums.
·  Ensure full involvement in GFA/Compliance reviews.
·  To effectively manage the implementation of reporting tools and guidelines for all processes, identifying and escalating issues for resolution as appropriate.
·  To fully communicate and implement procedural changes and initiatives.
·  To manage contingency planning for the teams and process.
·  To create and design reporting templates and tools for operations.

Results Orientation:

·  Monitoring / clearing of outstanding items / breaks, as specified in DIM and daily checklist
·  Ensure chaser procedure is being observed for all reconciliation. Any unresolved breaks are escalated in a timely manner
·  Ensure all system issues within the reconciliation are escalated on a time manner.
·  100% Compliance with DIMS during desk review.
·  To ensure ‘knowledge retention’ in the team by reinforcing risk and control concepts through continuous staff training and mentoring.
·  MI - maintain agreed MI data and communication accurately and supporting statistics/reports/dashboards are presented within agreed timescales.

Change Management:

·  Provide feedback on bottlenecks, hotspots, dependencies to increase process efficiency and possible saves.            
·  Work closely with efficiency / change team on YB projects / process improvement ideas       
·  Influence team members on the decision made that will help to improve the productivity or quality of work
·  To work closely with the central team in rolling out improvement initiatives in the reconciliations process.

Business Impact:

·  Monitor and coordinate changes that impact the process i.e. UAT, Platform upgrades, upstream system changes, etc. Drive the initiative internally and provide regular update to management
·  Involved in decision making process on changes that impacts BAU activities (chasers, escalation, reporting, compliance, audit, etc.)
·  Lead the monthly call with business on productivity, quality issues

Seamless Client Services:

·  Provide feedback to Management on possible client engagement initiatives.       
·  Actively participate in working group, BAU meeting and appropriate forums                   
·  Manage complaints from Business Partner and deliver a satisfactory solution
·  To proactively identify and escalate problem situations to provide customer satisfaction. Appropriate measures are taken to improve quality and prevent recurrence.
·  To establish good working relationships across departments.


What you will need to succeed in the role:

Skills/Experience Required:

·  Excellent knowledge and understanding of the Reconciliation Platforms & Systems
·  Ability to problem solve, articulate requirements and implement change.
·  Strong leadership and teamwork skills and above average written and verbal communication skills
·  Hitting Repeating Deadlines to a high standard – self-disciplined and organized
·  Attention to Detail, self-audit of own work
·  Escalation – ability to recognize when a task should be escalated and following through to ensure management are aware
·  Resilient and Driven
·  Able to deal with a very dynamic business where various factors will have an impact on work volumes, and how work is handled / processed. Nature of business is such that any error committed exposes the Group to risk of loss.
·  Requires ability to creatively resolve issues arising on a day-to-day basis, with an overriding view of minimizing any loss arising.

CASS Responsibiiities ( for CASS roles ):

·  Operating processes and controls which ensure protection of client assets and compliance with CASS rules.
·  Ensure stock position been reconciled on daily basis within agreed PLA.
·  Monies due to clients allocated within 10 business days and ensure cash accounts been reconciled with cash records system.
·  Ensure the reconciliation tracker and evidence for MT950 stored on daily basis.
·  Regularly sending daily completion reports and monitor aging breaks and circulated to investigation team.
·  Continuously providing complete, accurate, timely, and transparent Management Information to Oversight Managers to ensure potential CASS risk in processes and controls is identified.
·  Ensure CASS RP sign off on monthly basis and continuous update control references in the procedure.
·  Maintaining CASS framework document; Toolkit with continuous monthly review to avoid any misses at our end.
·  Identification and timely escalation of breaches and near misses, and driving appropriate remediation.
·  Ensure team are aware of the CASS requirements and full adherence by testing their competency.

What additional skills will be good to have?

·  Strong understanding on Manual reconciliation processing and reporting
·  Ideally 3+ years tenure within an Investment Banking Operations environment, exposure to reconciliations functions is essential.
·  Possess knowledge on MS Office and with good numerical and analytical
·  Able to manage good relationships across multiple business lines and GBM/HSS Hubs

Make every future a success.
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