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Associate Professional Quality (51000243)

  • Houston (Harris)
  • IT development

Job description

·  Job Description:


Performs quality assurance activities for small software development projects and tasks within the same and/or different accounts.

Essential Job Functions

·  Assists in establishing and documenting a tailored strategy quality plan for the performance of quality assurance activities for assigned project or task.
·  Develops and maintains standardized quality assurance documentation for projects and tasks to include quality metrics. Ensures documentation complies with software development standards, policies and procedures or best practices.
·  Conducts assessments and evaluations through analysis and interpretation of objective and subjective evidence to verify compliance to standards and applicable quality plans. Determines level of process and product quality. Reports findings; escalates unresolved issues to appropriate level.
·  Evaluates work products to assess quality and reports findings. Researches alternative solutions to problems, determines proper approaches and makes verbal and/or written recommendations to appropriate parties.
·  Gathers, uses and independently analyzes defect metrics data. Communicates analysis findings to appropriate level verbally and through the preparation of periodic written reports.
·  Participates in special projects, external audits and process improvements in support of quality assurance initiatives.

Basic Qualifications

·  Bachelor's degree or equivalent combination of education and experience
·  Bachelor's degree in business, mathematics, engineering, management information systems, or computer science, or related field preferred
·  Zero or more years of quality assurance, engineering or management information systems experience
·  Experience working with quality metrics and software industry metric data collection and analysis techniques
·  Experience working with quality assurance principles and practices and software development methodologies such as Catalyst
·  Experience working with standard software development methodology assessments, such as SEI/CMM or ISO 9000
·  Experience working with software test science and tools

Other Qualifications

·  Good organization and time management skills
·  Good communication skills to interact with team members, customers, and support personnel
·  Good analytical and problem solving skills
·  Good interpersonal skills for interacting with project and task team members
·  Basic personal computer and business solutions software skill
·  Ability to handle activities on multiple projects and tasks within the same or different accounts
·  Ability to work independently with integrity
·  Ability to work in a team environment, even when remote support is required
·  Ability to deal with and manage change
·  Ability to complete assigned responsibilities in a given timeframe within a given budget
·  Basic ability to handle multiple project and task responsibilities simultaneously and switch among them quickly to meet prioritized business needs
·  Ability to participate in various formal and informal professional development training sessions and established quality assurance training
·  Willingness to travel

Work Environment

·  Office environment

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