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Job description

Job Description

We are looking for a fulltime Cashier with a passion for client service and expertise within cash register operations.

The role of a Cashier within our boutiques is a critical one, requiring skills, attention to detail and a very organized mindset.

The Cashier has an important interface with the clients and is responsible for all manner of compliance criteria, including anti-money laundering checks, ID checks and quota checks.


Effective participation in teamwork will be key to the success of the department.

·  Opening and closing: Ensuring both the opening and closing of the cash desk on a daily basis.
·  Responsible for the cash counts, analyzing the cash transactions, check that the balance corresponds to what is physically in the cash desk.
·  Manage the customer file: integrate customers in order to offer an excellent collection service.
·  Be in charge of the administrative management of the Cash Desk: responsible for the recording of transactions in the system and the total reconciliation of payments with the total of sales.
·  Strictly adhere to the cash desk procedures.
·  Engaging with clients to be the final face of the client journey, dealing with the transactional aspects of a sale.
·  Establish and cultivate strong customer relationships by responding promptly and appropriately to all internal and external queries and ensuring that all parties are kept informed as appropriate. Provide ultimate luxury customer experience according to our Client Service Values
·  Handle all kinds of transactional requests such as returns, exchanges, refunds and credit notes according to the company policies and guidelines
·  Apply a helpful and courteous manner towards all colleagues, remaining reliable, supportive and flexible at all times.
·  Ensuring that the team masters the regulations and internal procedures and training new joiners.
·  Provide information to management by consolidating sales and related information such as sales, stock movement and customer reports.



We are looking for someone who is rigorous, communicative and has a keen eye for detail. You will be comfortable engaging with a range of clients in a positive and confident manner. You will have a good understanding of processes, how systems operate (Y2, RFID, etc) and of how to deal with complex transactional problems.

Actively participating in positive feedback sessions to ensure a full understanding on the part of the rest of the sales force to work together in a collaborative way so that quotas are respected and any unusual activity is shared and reported.



·  Strong sense of compliance and loyalty
·  Empathy and listening skills are essential along with a “can do” attitude.
·  An understanding of client expectations and good communication.
·  Experience of managing workflow and meeting deadlines.
·  Having excellent attention to detail and the ability to spot unusual activity.
·  Active participation in team meetings.
·  Acquiring knowledge CHANEL specific policies, local policies and procedures related to the cash desk operations
·  Computer proficiency


·  Advanced English and Spanish level
·  Minimum 2 years experience in a similar role


An environment to express both your curiosity and capability, with the aim of creating sustainable long term personal and professional growth

·  An inclusive approach to utilising the diverse range of personalities and competencies at CHANEL.
·  Delivery of excellence in an environment that places the long term success of its people and by extension the brand, at its forefront.
·  Being part of a team that delivers a key value add service to the client, and deepens the clients relationship with the brand.

At CHANEL, we are focused on creating an inclusive culture that nurtures personal growth, contributing to collective progress. We believe the uniqueness of each individual increases the diversity, complementarity and effectiveness of our teams. We strongly encourage your application, as we value the perspective, experience and potential you could bring to CHANEL.

Make every future a success.
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