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Assistant Boutique Manager

  • North York, CANADA
  • Sales

Job description

Reports to:  Boutique Director

Location: Yorkdale Boutique (in Holt Renfrew)

Contract : Full-time and Fixed-Term position (contract ending December 2024)

Your role @Chanel:

As an Assistant Boutique Manager, you will assist the Boutique Management team with the efficient day-to-day management of the Boutique. You are sales-minded, customer oriented, exceptionally collaborative, and have a strong sense of ownership, flexibility, and a people-first mindset. You will lead by example and encourage optimal standards and activities amongst the team, including sufficient floor coverage, while monitoring and managing standards of customer service, product care, staff presentation and teamwork at all times. 

What impact you can create at Chanel:

Customer Experience & Client Relationships

·  Provide the highest level of customer service at all times, overseeing and supporting the team in upholding the standards as detailed within the CHANEL Charter including prompt response to telephone queries and relevant after sales care.
·  Establish, maintain and encourage good customer relationships including welcoming customers, presenting new collections, escorting customers to the door as appropriate and keeping in touch whilst ensuring that the team are applying the appropriate skills.
·  Ensure customers are introduced to the customer database and maintain system by obtaining and inputting customer details, including providing CRM support (thank you cards).
·  Ensure a client centric mindset amongst the team and develop business driving strategies to support growing the boutiques client base, leveraging client related KPIs to identify opportunity areas. Coach selling staff on outreach strategies, client mapping, and top client hosting to develop their skillset.


·  Responsible for the individual development, performance and growth of Fashion Advisors in client experience, client development, teamwork and participation in boutique initiatives.
·  Act as a coach, conducting individual touch bases as needed in order to develop open communication and continued development feedback.
·  Liaise with all members of management to create a daily brief for weekly execution, spearheading informational and participatory morning meetings.

Floor Coverage

·  Encourage and support the selling staff in maintaining a continued focus on all commercial objectives and goals set, assisting the management team in driving and tracking sales on a timely basis.
·  Encourage and coach the team in applying expert standards of product knowledge and selling skills to help them maximize all sales opportunities. 
·  As a floor manager, acting as the leader for the business ensuring all clients are assisted in a timely manner, service levels are maintained, assets are protected and ensuring full team involvement.

Team Spirit

·  Communicate appropriately and effectively with colleagues and management within own and other Boutiques, as well as with senior management and CHANEL Head Office as required.
·  Ensure suitable and structured organization, communication and monitoring of weekly quotas and daily breaks.
·  Ensure timely distribution and communication of the CHANEL Charter to all staff as well as monitoring that guidelines are understood and adhered to at all times.
·  Ensure absolute confidentiality of the Company’s commercial activities and internal affairs at all times.

Operational Excellence

·  Ensuring compliance within the team on all Standard Operating Procedures, conducting regular checks on individual processes.
·  Participating in and coaching to FOH and HOH standards and organization to support inventory control and compliance with operational expectations.
·  Supporting sustainability goals by leading by example within the team on meeting all sustainability initiatives and developing strategies to further improve boutique involvement.

Merchandising & Product Maintenance

·  Ensuring that the highest visual standards are respected by monitoring the handling and storing of goods as well as ensuring that all stock is security tagged.
·  Ensure that correct ticketing as well as the quality of products is checked by the team at the point of sale.
·  Assist with the management of any display or maintenance requirements.

Personal Presentation/Image

·  Assist with the monitoring of time and absence management amongst the team.
·  Ensure that the dress code, grooming guidelines and high standards of personal presentation detailed within the CHANEL Charter as well as ensuring that the team adhere to all guidelines.
·  Maintain the uniform in good condition and ensure that the team wear and maintain the uniform as required – including name tags.
·  Ensure that the Boutique, including customer, stock and staff areas, are clean and tidy at all times and that products sold or used are replaced neatly and promptly.

What you will bring to the role:

·  Solid fashion retail background with successful track record/strong selling skills.
·  An approachable, exceptional interpersonal skills team player.
·  An excellent communicator, ability to tell stories and articulate details to capture audiences’ attention.
·  Initiative-driven, combining a strategic and spontaneous approach for building strong and personalized relationships.
·  Integrity and professionalism with high levels of emotional intelligence (EQ).
·  Proficiency in French and/or other languages will be considered an asset, but not mandatory.

You are energized by:

·  Interaction with diverse group of selling team members, and clients.
·  Passion with culture, art and, literature and most importantly, watches and jewellery.
·  Business-driven and strong number sense.
·  Both methodical task and variety in role with challenges you may not have already faced.
·  ‘Thinking on your feet’-style problem-solving, whether it be a small and mundane issue or an urgent and complex one.

What you would gain from this experience:

·  The opportunity to develop and be part of the exciting growth of Fashion Boutique.
·  The opportunity to partner with Boutique leadership team and support Fashion Advisors to drive growth and business.

At Chanel, we are focused on creating an inclusive culture that nurtures personal growth, contributing to collective progress. We believe the uniqueness of each individual increases the diversity, complementarity and effectiveness of our teams. We strongly encourage your application, as we value the perspective, experience and potential you could bring to CHANEL.

Make every future a success.
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