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FX Volatility Strategist

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Job description

Bank Overview
BNP Paribas is a leading bank in Europe with an international reach. It has a presence in 73 countries, with more than 196,000 employees, including around 149,000 in Europe. The Group has key positions in its three main activities: Domestic Markets, International Financial Services (whose retail-banking networks and financial services are covered by Retail Banking & Services) and Corporate & Institutional Banking, which serves two client franchises: corporate clients and institutional investors.
BNP Paribas Corporate and Institutional Banking is a globally recognised leader offering capital markets, securities services, financing, treasury and advisory solutions.

Purpose & Scope of role
• Purpose

• Prepare, write and internally/externally market written reports on our views on markets, focussing specifically on FX Volatility as an asset class.
• To increase profitable client business by providing a Cross Asset offering for clients that leverages the firm’s strengths in markets and the work of colleagues globally.
• To partner with the global Sales team and Trading teams in order to develop the Bank’s clients franchise.
• Support the Global Markets 360 team, in its aim to provide best-in-class value-additive research to its clients.
• To provide, market and help develop market leading content within the FX Strategy team.

• Scope:

Key Responsibilities of role

• Working collaboratively with Sales, Trading and other relevant areas of BNP Paribas to develop the client franchise.
• Generate, and assist in the generation of, value-additive economic analysis and market views/trade ideas relevant for BNP Paribas trading desks and Corporate and Institutional clients, specifically FX volatility views and trade ideas.
• Conduct analysis of interest rate markets in order to provide internal and external clients with insights and actionable trade recommendations via publications and face-to-face meetings.

Business & Clients

• Prepare, write and internally/externally market written reports on our views on markets, focussing specifically on FX Volatility as an asset class.
• To leverage themes, data models/analysis and trade ideas created by strategist colleagues globally.
• Help drive cross-asset topical ad hoc flagship research pieces.
• Works closely with the Global Markets Sales in marketing, presenting to clients and developing a product that is used by our account base.
• Be very visible with our key clients.
• Drive the key Global Markets forecasts and actively integrate the views across research – economics, rates credit, FX and local markets.
• Improve the product mix and promote suitable business (based on risk position, regulatory and balance sheet constraints, liquidity and trading capacity) in order to increase profitability.
• Working in conjunction with Trading, generating trade ideas.
• Assist in helping the trading desk with risk positioning.
• Drive the integration of Strategy & Research product across the different regions globally.
• Acting as global Strategy & Research spokesperson in terms of views, ideas, and analysis of the market.
• Direct contribution to BNP Paribas operational permanent control framework.

Desired profile

Qualifications :

Experience, Qualifications & Competencies

• Demonstrate a history of working in markets to provide bespoke trade ideas using derivative instruments, in particular, FX options.
• Experience of and familiarity with FX research products.
• Previous trading, structuring or strategy experience preferred, or working closely with the sales/trading teams to provide bespoke trade ideas.
• Demonstrate a good understanding of key macro & thematic drivers across asset classes.
• Knowledge of economics and statistics.


Behaviour Skills :

Communication - Proficient
• Develops and delivers complex information or messages, both verbal and written, to audiences within or outside the team.
• Delivers messages in a clear, structured, accurate and concise manner, based on facts.
• Adapts the message appropriately according to the communication modes & referential systems of the audience/target, in a balanced and timely manner and in line with business/strategic interests.
• Uses non-verbal communication where appropriate.
• Balances listening and talking to foster a productive dialogue.

Ability to collaborate / teamwork - Proficient
• Proactively shares ideas, insights, knowledge and relevant information with people they work with (including manager and team members).
• Facilitates cooperation and interactions, within and beyond the team, on transversal projects whilst acknowledging the benefit of differing viewpoints and ways of working.
• Alerts about risks and areas of concern and is able to formalise them. Creates a positive working environment. Respects, understands and seeks to accommodate the thoughts, feelings and concerns of others.

Critical thinking - Proficient
• Able to articulate views clearly and succinctly
• Questions existing models and procedures; challenges the status quo; steps out of existing limitations, concepts and models and develops solutions that make a difference.
• Gives their opinion based on sound review of all relevant issues and objective arguments.

Personal impact / ability to influence - Proficient
• Convinces one or more people by presenting their position in an acceptable way, using different influencing techniques and flexible arguments.
• Is able to justify their point of view on ‘business as usual’ topics when facing one or more people.
• Acts as a mediator disputes, and suggests acceptable solutions for all parties involved.

Ability to deliver / results driven - Proficient
• Delivers tasks/projects on time, with qualitative results. Is able to redefine activities according to priorities.
• Acts with tenacity.
• Is able to identify solutions to overcome obstacles and drive results to conclusion.
• Identifies opportunities to initiate new deliverables or improve existing deliverables to achieve the objectives set.
• Where relevant, works autonomously, implementing work processes, ideas and solutions.

Client focused - Proficient
• Client focus - Sees stakeholders as well as external clients as “customers”.
• Values all feedback from clients and integrates it to improve products, services, processes and organisations.
• Anticipates the needs of internal and external clients and partners, and provides relevant responses and solutions to meet them.
• Helps develop and established client relationships based on trust, with a client-centric approach, and encourages other to act in the same manner.
• Assumes responsibility for client satisfaction, makes sure problems are solved effectively and on time and strives to increase client satisfaction.

Creativity & Innovation - Proficient
• Thinks laterally to identify other sources of useful information and sees ways around obstacles and barriers
• Identifies, proposes and implements innovative alternatives/new ideas or approaches to develop new products and services and solve identified issues or problems.
• If relevant, encourages and provides a suitable environment for creativity and innovation.

Resilience - Proficient
• Adjusts and continues to behave effectively in challenging environments.
• Has confidence in their own ability to overcome pressure and obstacles.
• Is able to face setbacks and direct criticism whilst remaining composed and knows how to put criticism and stressful situations into perspective.

Transversal skills :

Ability to develop and leverage networks - Proficient
• Has developed and maintains a broad network of relationships within, as well as outside, the company - includes partners, suppliers or clients.

Analytical Ability - Proficient
• Handles information, recognises links, identifies trends, similarities or differences, translates the information into relevant analyses and interprets them to establish a diagnostic.
• Is able to identify the root causes of a problem.
• Is able to interpret available data and identify various conclusions.
• Evaluates the consequences of solutions or actions on people, systems and the organisation with precision and accuracy.

Business Skills :

• Be a corporate role model, supporting and fostering a culture of good Conduct
• Acts with discipline and high ethical standards
• Demonstrate proactivity, transparency, and accountability for identifying and managing conduct risks
• Consider the implications of your actions on colleagues, partners and clients before making decisions, and escalate issues to your manager when unsure

Business risk
• Understands the market, credit, operational, compliance, legal, regulatory and reputational risks of recommendations and comments he/ she makes

• Displays dedication & prioritises problems by considering the impact on the business; identifies quick-wins

Risk awareness
• Demonstrates a good awareness of risk and fundamental risk concepts. Always considers risk in his/her daily activities and abides by the Key Front Officer Responsibilities, where relevant

Market, product & business
• Is genuinely interested in financial markets and continually learning and staying abreast of new developments. Evidences a good appreciation of economics and market dynamics, with enough understanding to present views on market conditions and trends
• Continuously develop insight and expertise into his/her market, products and activity, and shares this knowledge with team members. Very strong standing with our client base. Be a leader in opinions and views on the global Cross Asset market. Demonstrates a strong appreciation of economics and market dynamics of the Cross Asset markets, with broad enough understanding to form opinions and present personal views on market conditions and trends

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