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Transcription Project for Indian Sign Language users

  • Entry-level job
  • Lucknow (Lucknow District)
  • Teaching
  • Indian Sign Language
  • Detail-Oriented
  • Follows instructions well
  • Internet Savvy

Job description

We are looking for Caption Evaluators who’ll watch videos and give us opinions on the captions: How well do they help you follow the content? How accurate are they? How well are they timed to the content of the video? Your answers will help us develop captioning technology that makes the video viewing experience better for both Deaf and hearing viewers. Deaf and hard of hearing contributors are especially encouraged to apply

You will evaluate the quality of video captions across a range of short videos on a five-point scale, rating the quality and usefulness of the captions.

Help make mobile and desktop videos more accessible and more convenient to watch. Kindly click the APPLY button to register in our contractor platform.

Make sure to add "Indian Sign Language (India)" when creating your profile in the system. Once you complete the registration process, you will be able to receive feedback via email or direct through the Appen Connect platform. If you are interested in also applying for other projects, click the 'All Projects' Tab then you will see the "Continue" button on the right side of the "Unlock More Projects Complete your profile", complete the required information to unlock more projects. Once you COMPLETED all the details, make sure to SUBMIT it and you will be notified via email after we process your application.

How to create a profile in Appen Connect:

Thank you and we hope to work with you soon!
If you have further questions, do not hesitate to send me an email at

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Desired profile

• Have an ADAP (Appen Data Annotation Platform) account.
• Have an Instagram account.
• Have access to a desktop browser.
• Have a mobile phone that can read QR codes.
• Uses Indian Sign Language daily

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