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Software engineer Middleware and integration

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Job description

The mission

Their goal is to develop software products, developing middleware components if required, and integrating the business logic components with the drivers or (possibly) operating system of the platform.


They are in charge of

·         mastering the physical design of the software,

·         defining the interfaces of components to be integrated with the business logic,

·         integrating business logic functions into a platform (may develop communication protocols to serialize/deserialize/transport data between business logic functions, specific drivers or platform components)



·         Support the Project Coordinator in the definition of solutions in coherence to project goals and Business Logic strategy

·         Act in the team in order to increase the efficiency, the collective knowledge, the quality of the team deliverables, the collaboration and the common goals

·         Develops the software by contributing to plans, specification, design, coding, integration, verification and configuration management of a part of or the complete software

·         Organize him-self in order to provide the project coordinators with expected deliverables in the expected delay, cost and quality

·         Measure, record and compare personal results to defined objectives

·         Report progress, cost, risk indicators to the technology and project coordinators

·         Respect of law, work regulations and conventions

·         Apply plans

·         Support costs and delay estimations of his activities

·         Improve from both success and failures

·         Negotiate and apply agreements with technology and project coordinators

·         Improve the image of the technology team and project team outdoors

·         Increase confidence and promote collaboration and cooperation


·         Strong knowledge on C, Git

·         Strong knowledge of the POSIX API, STM32 libraries, ATF (Atmel framework) or equivalent including

·         Knowledge on shared memory, multi-threading, memory management

·         Knowledge on Real-time OS is a plus

·         Knowledge on FTP, Linux bash, Virtual Machine, Subversion, Doxygen

·         Knowledge on communication protocols over Ethernet, TCP/IP, MIL-STD-1553 or CAN

·         Requirement management (specification, traceability, …)

·         Experience on Model Base Development approaches

·         Design of the software architecture

·         Strong experience on software development and C language

·         Problem reporting, management and impact analysis

·         Experience embedded critical software development

·         Safety related standards and norms (ARP-4764A, MIL-STD-882E or similar) is desired

·         CMMi Level 3/4, DO-178C DAL C/B, EN50128, MIL-STD-498 or similar is desired

·         Good communication and collaboration skills

·         Open-minded personality focused on goals

·         Proactive

·         French written and oral (at least B1)

·         English written and oral (at least B2)

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