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Laundry Attendant 洗衣房服务员

  • Sanya, CHINA
  • Teaching

Job description

Job Description

·  Check the clothing damage and buttons drop phenomenon
·  检查衣物的损坏和纽扣掉落现象
·  In categorizing clothes before dry cleaning
·  在干洗之前先将衣物分类。
·  Required to clean clothes to the stains
·  将所需清洗的衣物去渍。
·  According to the color of the clothes and the degree of dirty washing
·  按衣物的颜色和脏的程度进行洗涤。
·  According to the different material quality of a material to determine the different washing procedures, appropriate washing drying time
·  根据不同衣料的质地确定不同的洗涤程序,适当的洗涤烘干时间。
·  'll dry-clean clothes inspection, in order to achieve the hotel dry cleaning, no need to return to wash clean
·  将干洗完的衣服检查,以达到酒店的干洗水准,未洗净的需进行返洗。
·  For ironing dry cleaning the clothes
·  对干洗完衣服进行熨烫。
·  To finish other guest ironing clothes and uniform
·  完成呢其它客衣及制服的熨烫工作。
·  Daily cleaning machine according to the rules, and regularly make a thorough clean
·  每日按规定清洁机器,并定期进行彻底清洁。
·  Complete other work laundry manager and supervisor/pie
·  完成洗衣房经理及督导交派的其它工作。

Work Experience

·  Effective communication skills in Chinese
·  有效的中文沟通能力。
·  Strong guest interaction and interpersonal skill.
·  优秀的对客服务和沟通技巧。
·  Experience in the Laundry Attendant position of Laundry for over half years will be preferred.
·  具有在洗衣房最少超过半年的洗衣房服务员职位工作。


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