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Forensic Toxicologist

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Abbott Rapid Diagnostics is part of Abbott’s Diagnostics family of businesses, bringing together exceptional teams of experts and industry leading technologies to support diagnostic testing which provides important information for treatment and management of diseases and other conditions.

As a Forensic Toxicologist you will be part of the Forensics team reporting to the Head of Forensics and appropriate Consultant Forensic Toxicologist.


• Produce written reports of the interpretation of analytical findings to the relevant clients including the criminal justice system using the appropriate reporting style.

• Attend and provide oral evidence in Courts pertaining to the interpretation of analytical findings.

• Liaise and provide appropriate interpretative comments directly to clients.

• Undertake continuing personal development to develop knowledge and interpretative skills.

• Understand (and where necessary following training if required undertake) analysis and laboratory investigations of biological and other samples for the presence of drugs, poisons and related compounds.

• Understand the requirements/procedures of handling biological samples, chemicals and gases.

• Apply quality control procedures, support and work within the laboratory quality system including document control.

• Work effectively as part of a team and use own initiative as necessary.

• Support/assist Forensic Laboratory assistant and Forensic Analyst duties as and when required if deemed necessary to ensure effective service provision.

• Liaise effectively with Forensic Analysts, Forensic Laboratory Assistants and Administrators to ensure effective service provision to the client.

• Support case administration for recording case information and relevant information.

• Understand/handle biological samples (e.g. post-mortem blood, urine, tissues) for chemical/solvent extraction of drugs and related compounds for analysis.

• Performing analytical tasks using technical equipment where required and following appropriate training.

• Performing/support of if required.

• Be involved at all levels in research and development of existing and new analytical methods.

• Ensure the laboratory service has met the client’s expectations and has been performed appropriately and effectively.

• Confidential handling of casework.

Management / Organisational Challenges

Contribute to the achievement of Laboratory Key Performance Indicators such as 95% of cases reported within their set Turn-around-time (TAT).

Contribute to the monthly revenue targets set which would equate to approximately 7-15 cases per day with all other duties depending on complexity and case type

Changes or Improvements Expected

·  Development of knowledge on quality management systems and accreditation.
·  Identification of process improvement possibilities.
·  Development of knowledge and awareness of analytical issues and awareness of how they impact on a case

We are an ISO 17025 accredited company.  All duties must be carried out in accordance with these standards to the extent applicable to the specific role.


·  BSc Science (or equivalent) degree plus appropriate extensive laboratory/interpretative experience (as deemed to be at an acceptable level)
·  Specific knowledge/experience of toxicology, biochemistry and pharmacology is benefical
·  Using a computer for databases and equipment operation
·  Well organised, efficient and pleasant manner
·  Be able to communicate effectively especially when providing oral evidence in Court and liaising with clients
·  Have good IT skills
·  Be able to work independently and part of a team
·  Be open to performing new tasks
·  Work accurately, precisely and carefully
·  Be able to prioritise tasks
·  Be able to deal with confidential information
·  Have commitment, self-discipline and flexibility
·  Be able to work and meet a variety of people
·  Be able to work with and handle a variety of chemicals and biological material
·  Be able to work well even under pressure


The successful candidate should be able to deal with confidential information and have the ability to communicate clearly and effectively with all levels of staff across all disciplines. They will be required to follow instructions and pay attention to detail with minimal error as well as be able to work well even under pressure and in a busy environment. This team requires flexibility and sharing of the workload to achieve daily and monthly targets.

An equal opportunity employer, Abbott welcomes and encourages diversity in our workforce.



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